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Skincare has become my obsession lately. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older and  my skin is changing or the fact that I don't wear makeup as often as I used to but I really notice a difference in my skin when I do look after it. I'm not just talking about taking my makeup off properly but really giving it a deep cleanse daily. 

I hummed and hawed for ages about buying a sonic cleansing brush because they are so pricey but my skin was looking the worst it had looked in YEARS so I bit the bullet and purchased a Magnitone BareFaced. A pink one, of course ;-)

My Skin Type

I suffer from large pores/textured skin and always have the odd hormonal breakout. I have pretty oily/combination skin as I do sometimes suffer from dry patches, especially if I use abrasive face washes and cleansers. 

What is a Sonic Cleansing Brush?

In Magnitone's own words: "A combination of sonic oscillations + pulsed vibrations to deep-cleanse, massage and tone your skin at the same time, just like a mini workout".

Why Magnitone?

I opted for a Magnitone Sonic Cleansing Brush over other leading brands because of a few factors. Price being number 1. Really budget friendly and with so many stockists like Look Fantastic, Feel Unique who ALWAYS have discount codes floating around it definitely hooked me in.

Secondly, I liked the look of it. Sounds a bit strange, right? Well my thoughts were, to entice me to actually want to properly clean my face every day (cause it's such a chore) I thought if I had a pretty tool it would make me want to use it (I'm a sucker for pretty things, packaging being my downfall) and I was right! I use it every morning and night and my skin has seriously thanked me for it. 

There are 2 settings: Facial Cleanse and PulseLift Toning Mode. Both modes last 60 seconds to stop over-cleansing and aggravating your skin. 

It's waterproof. You can use it and store it in the shower.

What's in the box? 
  1. Magnitone BareFaced2
  2. Wireless USB Travel Charger
  3. Travel Bag
  4. Magnitone Membership Card
  5. 12 month warranty

    AND When I bought my Magnitone BareFaced, I also got a FREE shower holder worth £20.00!

Magnitone have a great variety of brush heads. I am desperate to try the Pore Perfection replacement heads. I've already noticed a difference in my pores with the Active Clean brush head, can you imagine what this brush head will do for my pores?! Giddy at the thought. 

My confidence hits rock bottom when my skin is at it's worst but my Magnitone BareFaced has really helped me beat overcome my fear of being well, bare faced! My skin is noticeably brighter, pores are less visible and the overall texture of my skin is so soft and smooth.

If you fancy trying out a Magnitone BareFaced - they are offering free delivery on their website this week. Would make an amazing Mothers Day present ;-)

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