Friday, 30 October 2015



Do you suffer from pores or acne-prone skin? Then you need to try out GlamGlow!

Ever since I was a teen, I have always had "problematic" skin which I kindly inherited from my dad (thanks dad!!). It's not full on acne but I am prone to having break outs and large pores in my t-zone area. When I was younger, it really knocked my confidence as I knew when I tried to cover my spots with makeup it would just accentuate them but the thought of leaving them red and visible made me so insecure. I tried everything, going to the doctors regularly trying out creams and tablets to get it under control which eventually it did. Now, at 26 years old, I do still suffer from the odd hormonal break out and unfortunately I do still have large pores but I put that down to the amount of makeup I wear rather than having "problem skin". 

I purchased GlamGlow SuperMud as I had read a lot of reviews on how good it was. People were saying it was a "facial in a jar" and how they had noticed results after only 1 use and well, being the advertisers dream that I am - obviously I had to buy it and see what all the fuss was about. It basically works by drawing out all the dirt and pores leaving your skin visibly smoother, reduced/smaller pores and generally a brighter complexion. I wouldn't worry if your skin is left a little red after using the face mask. As it works by drawing out all your imperfections it also draws blood to the surface of your face but it will die down after 10 mins or so. Pop on some moisturiser and you are good to go!

Look Fantastic were doing a deal with £10 off so I bit the bullet and purchased it and I am now on my third jar. It really does work wonders and you notice results even after only 1 use! It is a little bit on the pricey side but if like me, the state of your skin knocks your confidence, then I say go ahead and buy it as I've seriously noticed a difference and now, I couldn't live without it. My pores are reduced and my skin looks healthier and more youthful. After I've had the mask on, I always feel the next time I do my makeup, it glides on so much easier and doesn't sink in to my pores. My face looks completely flawless!


The top 2 pictures are before I put the mask on, the middle pictures are the mask developing. The black dots you see are my pores and the mask works by pulling the dirt out from the pores. The bottom 2 pictures are after the mask. Not all my pores are gone but I think my skin looks smoother and pores less visible. 

I recently purchased GlamGlow's Glamtastic Facial Set because I wanted to see if the other masks were as good as the SuperMud but I didn't fancy splashing out around £40 a pop just in case....And I am pretty glad I didn't as I wasn't that impressed with any of them! The Bright Mud eye treatments didn't do anything for my baggys under my eyes which I was a bit gutted about. I had high expectations with me being a fan of the SuperMud but I wouldn't rate it or any of the other masks which is a shame but I know the SuperMud works wonders!

Do you have any "holy-grail" skincare products? Are you a GlamGlow fan? Let me know!!


Wednesday, 28 October 2015


What is one makeup product you couldn’t live without?

Mascara makes all the difference for me. Without mascara my eyes are small and I think I look tired when I don’t wear it as my lashes are blonde and stumpy. I’ve tried and tested 5 mascaras and here I think you can really see the difference between them all.
1.       Tarte – Lights, Camera, Lashes - £22.92
2.       Benefit – They’re Real! - £19.50
3.       Benefit – Roller Lash £19.50
4.       Smashbox  -Full Exposure £19.50
5.       Jordana – Best Extreme Lash £3.59
Benefit – They’re Real wins best mascara for me, hands down! Not only do my lashes look double their usual length but they don’t look clumpy and thick like they do in photo numbers 1 and 5. Jordana Best Extreme Lash is a close second, the price is great and as I wear mascara everyday this would certainly help keep costs down but everytime I wear Benefit – They’re Real, people always think I am wearing falsies!!  

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Beauty Blender VS Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


Beauty Blender 
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge 

Ok, so I'm a little late in joining in the Beauty Blender craze but hey, £16 for a sponge....really??? I was very skeptical that a damp sponge could give you that "airbrushed flawless finish" that we all desire so, I thought I'd buy the "dupe" version by Real Techniques for £5.99 and I was pleasantly surprised. The Real Techniques Complexion Sponge makes applying foundation so easy and very idiot-proof. Dot foundation on your face and then blend it all in with the sponge damp using pouncing motions, easy peasy... I loved it so much I bought another Real Techniques sponge but I thought it was about time I tried the Beauty Blender as the hype is still crazy for it and if I was amazed at the Real Techniques sponge then surely I was going to LOVE the Beauty Blender?

Now I have used both I can give my verdict.... 

The Beauty Blender is alot softer, almost silky texture and is small when dry but goes to a good size when damp, maybe a little smaller than the Complexion Sponge. I sort of felt that it kept sliding out my hand because it was that soft but then it felt gentler on my skin. The finish is similar when using both sponges. I like the pointy end better on the Beauty Blender as it's more defined and it can get into the little delicate areas around the eyes when blending out the concealer better than the Complexion Sponge.

It is hard to clean the sponges though. I stupidly tried to clean my first real techniques sponge on the Sigma Spa Mat and it tore it to pieces - woops! Beauty Blender have proper lotions and potions for cleaning which makes it easier and it does give it a thoroughly good clean (and it smells pretty good too!) I would advise to clean your beauty blender at least after every few times you have used it to avoid getting any germs in it and to prolong the life of the sponge! At £16, I hope the Beauty Bender lasts a good while otherwise I will stick to the Real Techniques sponge 

All in all, if you have a Real Techniques sponge you may aswell stick with it as it does the same job as the Beauty Blender for a fraction of the price. But if like me you were intrigued to see the difference between the two or you are feeling flush and fancy a treat, the Beauty Blender is great. I think everyone needs at lease one of these sponges in their makeup kit! 

I hope this helps if you are interested in either of these products. Let me know your thoughts.