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Sounds too good to be true right, friction free shaving, silky smooth legs... Well, I thought so too until I tested it out. In a nutshell, Friction Free Shaving (FFS herein) is a subscription service that deliver a razor handle and blades straight to your door every month for a small charge. And when I say a small charge, I mean a very small charge. 

FFS offer 3 different beautiful razor handles; Faye, Frankie & Samantha. The difference being the number of blades. I opted for the Samantha razor. I don't know if it was the shiny gold colour or the fact that each head has 5 blades and a Vitamin E strip that enticed me to pick her but she is a beauty and only costs £7 per month! 

I honestly think I've tried every razor in the market. All of the Venus razors, mens razors and disposable ones and every single one (except the Venus razors) left me with an awful red bumpy rash where I had shaved, not nice at all! I loved the Venus Breeze razor, it had 3 blades and a built in gel bar to ease the friction and I was quite happy with it but the day after I had shaved, I felt I needed to shave again. I was always convinced that my hair growth was ridiculously quick. When I did attempt to re-shave over freshly shaved skin it would burn like hell and leave my skin feeling sensitive and sore. But when you don't know better you just put up with it, don't you? Well ladies, not any more. Let me tell you my 5 reasons why you need to stop using your current razor and switch to FFS!
  • It does what is says on the tin. No friction = no nasty red lumps and bumps.
  • The price point. I feel like Venus have robbed me since my teenage years. I'd pay about £18 for 4 blades which is double what FFS charge AND you get 5 blades!
  • The fact that they deliver straight to your door with FREE POSTAGE AHH. No more last minute shopping trips because you forgot to pick up the £18 Venus blades. didn't forget more like you grudged paying the price and decided you'd rather be hairy.
  • FFS look so luxurious and are such high quality you will display yours proudly in your bathroom. No more hiding your ancient, plastic, bright orange disposable razor..
  • And lastly, Samantha, my trusty FFS razor has given me the closest, smoothest shave I have ever have. I don't feel I need to shave every day. Hallelujah!
In my opinion FSS is a genius and cost-effective way to purchase razors. Hassle free and amazing value for money, what's not to love? 

Still not convinced? Check out the FFS website where they have lots of information on the different payment plans they offer; the razors and a billion other reasons why you need a FFS razor in your life.

Let me know if you are thinking of purchasing a razor and if this blog review helped. 

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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