Monday, 14 March 2016


Anastasia Beverley Hills VS Smashbox Shape Matters

I've had my ABH palette for about 1 year now and I've always been pretty happy with it. To be honest I had nothing else really to compare it to. I feel like Anastasia was the first to bring out highlighting and contouring products to the makeup world and then out of nowhere all other brands started bringing out their own version. Now anytime I wear makeup, I HAVE to contour my face. Who doesn't want that perfectly chiseled Kim K face!! The fact that you can give yourself cheekbones or slim down your nose without surgery is amazing... and cheaper!! It just gives a bit dimension to your face so it doesn't look so flat. The pictures below show how I've used the contour & highlight shades to create the illusion of a slimmer nose and cheekbones.

My sister bought me the Smashbox Shape Matters for Christmas and I've been LOVING it and have found myself reaching for that over the ABH contour palette. Why? Well here's my opinion on the both - see what matters most to you before you fork out on a new contour kit.

  • The pigmentation in the Smashbox palette is insane. The colour pay off from the shadows, the contour etc - its SO good and a little goes a long way.
  • I like the fact that the Smashbox palette has eyeshadows, eyebrow powders and contour & highlight shades. If you are travelling or going away you could easily just take this 1 palette and nothing else! 
  • Price of ABH is £39 and the Smashbox Shape Matters is £60 - quite a difference in price but I think you get more for your money with the Smashbox palette, they even supply you with a dual ended eye shadow brush!!
  • I like the fact that you can now customise the colours in the ABH contour palette and there is now pre-made light, medium and dark palettes. When I got mine it was the first palette she released so there is some shades I have never used which feels a bit of a waste. 
  • I like the packaging of the Smashbox palette better. It's heavier and you get this giant mirror - again perfect for travelling. My ABH palette got dirty very quickly and I can never get it clean! I hate grubby makeup ha ha.
Smashbox Palette Swatches of Contour/Highlight Shades

ABH Palette Swatches of Contour/Highlight Shades

Ahhh the power of make-up!! 

As I said though, I was always pretty happy with my ABH kit. If my sister hadn't bought me the Smashbox kit for Christmas I wouldn't be looking to buy a contour kit until I had hit pan on the shades I constantly use. There are so many brands creating contour palettes it is hard to choose which one to go for. I definitely recommend doing your research by reading reviews and looking at swatches before you fork out on a contour kit. At the end of the day you only need 1!! 

Hope this helps!

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